Components:ICs that provide ESD protection


STMicroelectronics has launched a new chip that delivers enhanced protection for PCs, monitors, projectors and similar equipment, and features the latest displayport interface. DPIULC6-6DJL provides essential protection for the sensitive displayport circuitry against electrostatic discharges (ESD) that could damage or destroy the display device.

Features and USP: The main features of the DPIULC6-6DJL include 5GHz bandwidth, capacitance defined according to the VESA 1.1a standard of less than 1.5pF, low capacitance variation of 0.05pF, pin-out optimised for easy PCB design, adherence to applicable standards like IEC 61000-4-2 level 4–15kV (air discharge), 8kV (contact discharge), MIL STD 883G-Method 3015-7 class 3B 8kV HBM (Human Body Model), etc.

For further details: Puja Bhalla, Corporate Communications, STMicroelectronics, India, Ph: 0120-4006424, Mob: 9810072851, E-mail:, Website:


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