Buffer amplifiers


In August 2012, Linear Technology launched LTC6417, a fully differential buffer amplifier with only 1.5nV/√Hz output referred noise.

Features and USP: LTC6417 is capable of driving a differential 50 ohm load and is optimised for driving 14 and 16 bit pipeline ADCs. It can have DC or AC coupled at its inputs, and achieves excellent distortion performance for signals up to and beyond 600 MHz. At 140 MHz, OIP3 is 46 dBm, and HD3 is -69 dBc with 2.4 VP-P output swing into a 50 ohm load. The LTC6417 is configured internally as a unity gain buffer. Because its input impedance is 18.5k ohm, additional gain can be achieved by applying a 1:4 or 1:8 transformer at the inputs. Its low impedance output helps manage the capacitive charge injection common to pipeline ADCs.

For further details: Ph: (91) 80 4012 4610; www.linear.com

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