Bluetooth low energy controllers


In June 2012, EM Microelectronic launched a Bluetooth smart-qualified controller, the EM9301.

Features and USP: Optimised for ultra low power wireless sensing and remotely controlled monitoring applications, the EM9301 operates on as little as 0.8 V. It can be powered by a wide range of common single cell batteries or energy harvesters such as solar cells, piezo-electric and electro-magnetic elements. The EM9301 is fully Bluetooth smart qualified for single-mode master and slave applications, and combines the physical layer, link layer and Host Controller Interface (HCI) layer in one flexible chip. In receive mode, the EM9301 requires only 16.5 mA, while competing products consume up to 23 mA. An integrated DC/DC converter powers the EM9301 RF circuitry while concurrently delivering up to 100 mA to an external device.

For further details: Desner Electronics (Far East) Pte Ltd; Ph: +91 11 4616 1614; Fax: +91 11 4650 4515;;



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