Automotive chipsets


In August 2012, Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced the DS90UB913Q serialiser and DS90UB914Q deserialiser—the newest additions to its FPD-Link III automotive grade chipset family.

Features and USP: The SerDes chipset provides a seamless video and data interface to megapixel driver-assist camera modules, with no software overhead and fewer wires, resulting in reduced power consumption, costs and weight. These system level enhancements are accelerating the adoption of camera safety systems in the mid- and entry level vehicle segments. Applications include a front view camera for collision avoidance and traffic sign/pedestrian recognition, rear view camera for backing-up protection, and surround view cameras for parking assistance.

For further details: India Product Information Centre; Toll: +91 80 41381665; Toll free: +1800 425 7888;

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