Agilent’s network analyser


Agilent Technologies has introduced two options for its ENA series E5061B 5Hz-to-3GHz vector network analyser.

Features and USP: The new RF NA (network analysis) and ZA (impedance analysis) options increase the analyser’s frequency range, speed, upgradability and versatility. This enables the analyser to deliver high performance for basic RF network and impedance measurements at a reasonable price.

As a general purpose low-frequency-to-RF network analyser that can be used for a variety of network measurements, the ENA series E5061B is said to deliver excellent RF performance and an accurate low-frequency measurement capability. The new options further extend the E5061B’s functionality to enable faster, more efficient development, making it ideal for general R&D, education and manufacturing.

For further details: Agilent Technologies India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi; Ph: 011-46237134; Fax: 011-46237106; Website:


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