AC/DC constant current driver


In March 2012, Texas Instruments launched the TPS92310 AC/DC constant current driver.

Features and USP: The new TPS92310 AC/DC constant current driver with power factor correction (PFC) reduces costs and shrinks to fit in high power LED retrofit bulbs, including A19, PAR30/38 and GU10. Its key features are: The AC input voltage supports all common line voltages (100 V, 120 V, 230 V, 240 V, 277 V); its true primary side sensing and regulation provides accurate LED current regulation, eliminating the optocoupler, secondary error amplifier and associated passive components; adaptive constant on time (COT) provides inherent power factor correction with no external components and PFC reduces the EMI signature to ensure regulatory approval.

For further details: India Product Information Centre; Ph: +91 80 4138 1665; Toll free: +1800 425 7888;


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