A 3 axis gyroscope


In August 2011, STMicroelectronics expanded its motion sensor portfolio with the addition of high performance 3-axis analogue gyroscope— L3G3250A.

Features and USP: The L3G3250A combines the same robust and field-proven micromachining technology that ST has already used to produce nearly 1.54 billion motion sensors, making it the first 3 axis gyroscope to meet the demand for smaller footprints in next generation applications. The sensor is a high performance 3 axis analogue output gyroscope housed in a package measuring just 3.5x3x1 mm, reducing the footprint from 17.6 mm³ to just 10.5 mm³. The L3G3250A is completely immune to audio noise. Its advanced design further increases sensing accuracy and reliability. It offers two user selectable full scales—625 or 2500 dps (degrees per second)—with sensitivities of 2mV/dps and 0.5mV/dps, respectively. The high range allows the device to detect and measure very fast gestures and movements.

For further details: STMicroelectronics; www.st.com

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