8-bit PIC MCUs


In March 2012, Microchip Technology announced the expansion of its 8-bit PIC16F(LF)178X enhanced mid-range core microcontroller (MCU) family.

Features and USP: 8-bit PIC MCUs now include advanced analogue and integrated communication peripherals, such as on-chip 12-bit analogue to digital converters (ADCs), 8-bit digital to analogue converters (DACs), operational amplifiers, and high speed comparators, along with EUSART (including LIN), I2C and SPI interface peripherals. The MCUs also feature the industry’s best level of advanced PWM control and accuracy via the new programmable switch mode controllers (PSMCs). This combination of features enables higher efficiency and performance, along with cost and space reductions in applications such as closed loop control in power supplies and lighting.

For further details: www.microchip.com

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