4GHz oscilloscope


In February 2012, Rohde & Schwarz launched a 4GHz high performance oscilloscope with 20GSa/s sampling rate.

Features and USP: The RTO1044 can handle different data interfaces up to data rate of 1.6 Gbps and can also be used to test fast clock signals up to frequency of 800 Mhz. It has a high sensitivity and measurement accuracy and can be used for typically low amplitude (<1V) signals. Owing to the extremely low-noise front end, the full measurement bandwidth of 4 GHz is available at even the smallest scaling (1 mV/div.). The 10GHz single core analogue to digital converter provides a good dynamic range (ENOB > 7 bits). The oscilloscope has a high acquisition and analysis rate of one million waveforms per second. The digital trigger system makes it possible to accurately pinpoint narrow glitches (down to 50 ps) and their origin.

For further details: Ph: 011 42535400; Fax: 011 42535433; www.rohde-schwarz.co.in

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