3-axis gyroscopes


3-axis gyroscopesIn August 2012, STMicroelectronics launched its smallest, lowest power and highest performance chip scale gyroscope for advanced motion sensing applications.

Features and USP: The L3GD20H measures only 3×3×1 mm³. Though little over half the size of its predecessor, it still offers better resolution, higher accuracy, superior stability and a faster response time, thus enabling smaller sensing mechanisms in smart consumer electronics.

The ultra small dimensions of this gyroscope also allow experimental projects such as wearable electronics to move closer towards reality. One such application is the prototype smart suit that ST used to demonstrate inertial body motion reconstruction early in 2012, which can help enhance various applications such as augmented reality, sports training aids and medical therapy.

For further details: Ph: 0120 2352999; www.st.com

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