µModule regulator


In March 2012, Linear Technology announced LTM8026, a 36V input, 5A step down µModule regulator with an adjustable and precise (±10 per cent) accurate current limit.

Features and USP: The current limit enables designers to set the maximum amount of power drawn from the supply, preventing the input voltage droop caused by over current conditions. When multiple LTM8026 are configured with the outputs tied together, each converter can be programmed with a unique maximum current limit to meet its specific input supply limitations for greater output power, a technique known as asymmetric power sharing. Applications for the LTM8026 include point of load regulation in systems with 24V and 12V supplies such as VXI bus, for automotive, medical and industrial end-markets.

For further details: Ph: 91 8040124610; Fax: 918040124612; www.linear.com

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