High volume pick-and-place machines are getting smaller


The latest pick-and-place machines have smaller footprints, better accuracy and higher output.

By Sneha Ambastha

Pick-and-place machines play a very vital role in the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB). And in the case of high-volume pick-and-place machines, accuracy is of utmost importance as production of assembled PCBs is done at high speeds. In this article, we feature machines with placement rates greater than 30,000CPH. These machines are used in various industries including LED lighting, IoT, telecom, etc.
Buyers looking for high-volume pick-and-place machines should specifically check for some important features like the component handling capabilities of the machine, its accuracy and speed.

A few recently launched pick-and-place machines available in the market

Model: S20, Brand: Yamaha, Manufacturer: Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd
Launched in June 2016, the S-20 is a 3D hybrid surface mounter in the i-Pulse series of Yamaha Motor Company. It is capable of mounting components on various types of surfaces including curved, concave-convex and sloped ones. The S20 is used in applications such as electronics manufacturing services (EMS), LED lighting, telecom and for products related to the Internet of Things (IoT). It comes with enhanced support for moulded interconnect devices (MID).

Yamaha S20Key features

  • Comes with higher flexibility and productivity due to its hybrid capability
  • Enabled with three dimensional hybrid functions
  • Has an additional dispensing inspection feature
  • Comes with a large-board-handling capability
  • Capable of a wide range of component handling techniques

Technical specifications

  • Number of placement heads: Single gantry 12-nozzles
  • Placement speed: 45,000CPH
  • Placement accuracy: 25 microns at absolute accuracy (MU + 3 sigma)
  • Component size: From 03015 to 120x90mm
  • PCB size: From 50mm x 50mm up to 1,830mm x 630mm
  • Feeder capacity: Up to 180 tape feeders + 4 tray feeders or 135 tape feeders + 36 tray stations
  • Approx. weight: 1,500kg
  • Overall dimensions: 1,750mm x 1,600mm

USP: Faster machine with a full range of multi-mounting capabilities
Contact: Ph: +91-9820-709940, suresh@leaptech.in, www.leaptech.in
India branch: Leaptech Corporation

Model: SIPLACE TX, Brand: SIPLACE, Manufacturer: ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Launched recently, the SIPLACE TX is a high-volume placement machine with a small footprint. It has a high placement speed along with what the company claims is a new performance record. SIPLACE TX can be used to place super-fine pitch components (0201 metric) at maximum speed. Its modules support high-volume and state-of-art production concepts with non-stop set-up changeovers.

SIPLACE TXKey features

  • Has one of the fastest placement speeds
  • Has achieved new records in placement performance with an extremely small footprint
  • Its lines can easily be scaled up or down
  • Can increase its performance stepwise just by adding more SIPLACE TX modules
  • Has an accuracy of upto 22 µm at 3 sigma

Technical specifications

  • Number of placement heads: SIPLACE SpeedStar (CP20P), SIPLACE MultiStar (CPP), SIPLACE TwinStar (single- and dual-gantry)
  • Placement speed: Up to 78,000CPH
  • Placement accuracy: Up to 22µm at 3 sigma
  • Component size: 0201 (metric) to 55mm x 45mm or 75mm x 10mm
  • PCB size (LxW): 45mm x 45mm to 375mm x 260mm (dual conveyor)
    45mm x 45mm to 375mm x 460mm (dual conveyor in single lane mode)
  • Feeder capacity: Up to 80mm x 8mm
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 1000mm x 2350mm x 1450mm

USP: Performance and precision in a tiny footprint
Contact: Ph: +65 6877-3900, smt-solutions.sg@asmpt.com, www.siplace.com
India branch: ASM Assembly Systems Singapore Pvt Ltd

Model: SM482 PLUS, Brand: Techwin, Manufacturer: Hanwha Techwin
The recently launched SM482 PLUS is a multi-functional placement machine with a panorama view, which gives a better image of any irregular SMD component, ensuring better picking and placing. The company claims that this machine has been optimised for various production environments, offering the highest speed and accuracy amongst the component placers of the same class.

SM482 PLUSKey features

  • Comes with on-the-fly patented technology by Techwin
  • Provides all essential functions necessary for PCB production at a reasonable price
  • Is capable of maximising its placement speed by minimising its moving time between pickup position and placement position, and also reducing the recognition time to zero
  • Has a component monitoring feature that avoids over-dumping of a large quantity of components in advance

Technical specifications

  • Number of placement heads: 6 spindles x 1 gantry
  • Placement speed: 30,000CPH (optimum)
  • Placement accuracy: Chip ±40µm@ ±3 sigma QFP ±30µm@ ±3 sigma
  • Component size: 0402~75mm connector (H-15mm)
  • PCB size (LxW): 50mm x 40mm to 1200mm x 510mm
  • Feeder capacity: 120ea (standard 8mm)
  • Approx. weight: 1600kg
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 1650mm x 1680mm x 1530mm

USP: Multifunctional placer
Contact: Ph: +91-9810001345, tandon@samsung.com, www.samsung-smt.com
India branch: Samsung C&T India


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