“We keep looking for distributors in India to expand our reach in the country”

Victor Lin, sales manager, Sinpro Electronics

Sinpro Electronics, Taiwan, was founded in 1995 and has grown into one of the biggest professional switching power supply (SPS) manufacturers. Its main products are medical power supplies, DC-DC converters, IT power supplies, LED power supplies and industrial power supplies. In a conversation with Electronics Bazaar, Victor Lin, sales manager, Sinpro Electronics, talks about the importance of the Indian market for the future growth of the company.

EB: Do you think India is important for the future growth of your business?
India is currently enjoying a faster pace of economic growth compared to most other countries of the world. The steadily increasing labour population in India, compared to China, and the demand for medical applications has undoubtedly played a major role in making India an important market for our firm.

EB: Are you already doing any business with India?
Yes, we are. Due to the market demand, the product we do the most business with in India is our medical grade power supply. This product’s applications include standard/high frequency X-ray imaging systems, critical care devices, primary healthcare devices, patient monitors, ECGs, syringe pumps, etc.

EB: Do you have distributors in India or are you supplying to the market directly?
Yes, we have a distributor in India. And we also supply directly to the Indian market. We supply products and services based on customer preferences.

EB: What are the top countries you export to?
Sinpro exports to countries like Japan, Germany and USA.

EB: Are you looking for distributors in India?
Yes, if there are suitable partners whom we can tie up with, it will help us strengthen our sales network in India by offering better services. We keep looking for distributors in India to expand our reach in the country.

EB: What are the qualities you look for in a distributor?
Their relative business experience or their experience of being distributors is the sole quality that we look for.

EB: What are the biggest challenges for you when doing business in India?
The topmost challenge that we have faced in India till date is to raise the brand awareness of Sinpro in the Indian market.

EB: For your products or services, who is more important—the technical or the commercial decision maker?
We give equal importance to both, and that is exactly why we are looking for efficient distributors so that they can offer the right products and best services as quickly as possible.

EB: What is more important for you—domestic sales in Taiwan or exports?
Exports are very important for Sinpro. About 90 per cent of our sales revenue comes from exports. We will continue to provide the best services to gain customer recognition and build brand awareness in India.

EB: What is your marketing strategy?
We participate in exhibitions at regular intervals in order to increase our visibility in the market. We intend to focus on brand building and expanding our distribution network.

EB: Please share with us your expansion plans
We are supplying our products directly to India for many years. In order to make a breakthrough, we have a distributor to help us expand our business. We would like to partner with more distributors who are interested in promoting our products. We expect to work with different professional local distributors for different segments like medical, industrial, LED drivers, etc, in the near future.


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